When the direct real estate transaction platform appeared: Real estate brokerage will lose it's position ? (Part 2)

Continue Part 1 when it mentioned the current status of (online) real estate trading platforms in Vietnam:


Part 2 will detail the specific cases and basic procedures for answering the question: Need or No need broker in a real estate transaction.

Usually it depends on the specific situation here, the respondent - the choice will be the Final Consumer (Buyer - Seller - Tenant - Lender), so certain cases what is it, let's verifyReal find out more details, assuming only Buy and Sell transactions, some cases can be mentioned in real estate transactions (especially secondary market transactions - products finished products) are:

  • Case 1: Customers have suitable products, know the transfer procedures but cannot find buyers because they do not know how or do not have an authentic transaction support platform.
  • Case 2: The customer has a suitable product, has already purchased the customer but does not know the transfer procedure.
  • Case 3: Buyers cannot find suitable products due to widespread information on the internet, not authentic and "lazy" to search because they know that they can not meet the righteous owner or the product information is not correct.
  • Case 4: Customers buy - Sellers "have not found each other" and even find it does not hold transfer procedures.


For the cases listed above, if the problem in the paperwork, transfer procedures or sometimes a matter of time, you can work with brokers or notary office staff to can be supported best and faster, the rest if the problem is only in the stage: cannot find the product, be prevented from contacting the owner, not working directly with the customer who wants to buy for many reasons,... perhaps what you need is a direct real estate transaction platform - the way that verifyReal is operating and supporting transparent market participants.

And try to imagine 2 Customers and 1 or 2 knowing both the transfer and purchase procedures (or simply leasing and leasing) but "can't find each other" - temporarily call This is a simple / simple transaction but one of the two customers may have to pay the amount up to 3%/transaction (maybe up to 60,000,000 VND brokerage fee for Real Estate worth 2,000,000,000 VND) just to "find each other" is probably a bit (very) wasteful. Try listing with 60,000,000 VND what you can buy for your family and relatives: Interior, European Tour, 1 scooter, savings book, ... And if Real value The estate sold is 5,000,000,000 VND, 8,000,000,000 VND or even 20,000,000,000 VND, the cost will be ...?


Perhaps many people will argue that brokers need, need, are indispensable, irreplaceable, ... for some models in the world or in the region, the factor "eliminate them" did with the support from administrative procedures and information published widely and transparently, although there was a lot of controversy, but the effectiveness of these models was really amazing and The most beneficiary is of course a customer. However, with the current Vietnam Real Estate market, verifyReal confirmed that Real Estate Broker is still an important factor in a transaction (especially the primary market - new projects, where the need for investment, problem, persuasion and art of sales of brokers), more over real estate is a valuable asset and changing behavior, updating trends as well as transparency in information in the market. The current Vietnam real estate market is difficult to achieve in "one day".

However, the importance of brokers should be shown at certain stages, at certain times, for example: support persuading customers if customers are difficult, notarization, complete trading procedures, image refinement - authorized real estate content, ... Customers will be very grateful and happy to pay a brokerage fee (clear agreement in advance, can default to 1%) when they receive the great support and good value from such brokers, the cost is indeed very worthy. However, not all but real brokers have abused / taken advantage of intermediaries - support them to profit, damage their own customers and affect their colleagues other main. So, is there a need to support, authenticate, as well as enhance authentic users as well as true, professional brokers with clear operational rules and customers have the right to choose to work directly with the employer or through a broker that accompanies the transaction when needed and of course only if they believe in the reputation and capacity of the broker has been confirmed by the participating community, if not all both the results and the image of the broker built up for a long time will be lost in the moment of the report. Losing money can be earned - not losing the image, losing credibility, whether rebuilding or not is difficult to say.

*On the other hand, individual authors know there are some real brokers who are still able to buy and invest (by buying / selling by themselves) real estate, so the boundaries or distinctions in the title probably a little short-sighted. There is a distinction that should be in another aspect: reliability and authenticity among the parties when choosing a companion to go to the transaction.

Mention more details of a basic transaction so you can capture and know that when to choose support from the broker or complete the transaction yourself (soon verifyReal will update the details of the rules) procedures, procedures as well as agencies and departments perform the functions of transfer, purchase and sale of real estate and related procedures so that people can grasp and understand better), mechanical phases copy of a transaction:

  • Step 1: Searching Customers (Buy / Sell / Rent / Rent)
  • Step 2: Project consulting or actual viewing of existing products.
  • Step 3: Booking / Deposit or Contract directly
  • Step 4: Notarization / Complete procedures with the Investor (if no book is available)
  • Step 5: Complete the transaction.


Customers can rely on these 5 basic steps to be able to measure at what step they really need to support and be able to implement themselves at the step to be able to optimize costs / Real estate transactions.

As a personal judgment from the author, maybe someone will agree or disagree but hopefully through the above article will help you have an overview, more and more realistic about a real estate transaction also as the role of a broker will have to be made in order to make the right choices and to reduce or optimize costs when making real estate buying or leasing deals.


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