Why is the content of the Listings/Tags on verifyReal limited to 1500 characters ?

Perhaps many of you will wonder: "Popular listing sites or even Facebook is not limited to the content of the post/listing, it's posible to copy or paste old content from another, so why verifyReal limits the content of the listings/tags ?


1500 characters are actually a bit ... much, because you really have met the case of catching "1 paragraph" of a long post, the content is maybe good or bad, but looking at it doesn't want to read, right ? And so do viewers of your post, 1500 characters are considered sufficient and appropriate for the Real Estate industry's content and related products and services, this also makes the content of your listings/tags will be more concise, more attractive ! So, take care of the brief postings and put yourself in the viewer position to get good content and increase your effectiveness.

You probably already know: Twitter social network is limited to 280 characters/post (updated from... 140 characters!)

P/s: This article is now 1095 characters, have you read it here, are you bored ? :D